Proper authentication model

Michael.Dillon at Michael.Dillon at
Thu Jan 13 10:36:09 UTC 2005

> > My point was that competing, differently-named and
> > organisationally-separate suppliers of network services frequently use
> > common suppliers for metro fibre, long-haul transport, building 
> > etc. Just because you buy different services from different providers
> > doesn't mean there will be no common points of failure.

> Fate sharing is bad. The only way to be sure you aren't fate sharing is 
> request GIS data from the carriers. And even that could be wrong...

Tell your carrier that you want to buy physical seperacy.
Currently this is only offered by some metro networks
because corporates want physical seperacy to connect their SANs
(Storage Area Networks) to their offices. My company's 
network maintains seperacy for the financial market data
feeds that run across it. We do that because the customers
specifically demand that capability.

Rather than trying to do the carrier's job by requesting
GIS data, tell them you want to buy "physical seperacy"
as a product. Get them to do the work and show you the
data to prove that they really are delivering physical

--Michael Dillon

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