Contact at Austrian Telecom - urgent

Steve Birnbaum steve.birnbaum at
Wed Jan 12 14:42:39 UTC 2005

> 1. Did you try using inoc-dba to contact other Austrian 
> providers like ACONET to ask them this question?

Yes.  They were very nice and saw the missed call (it was 2-3am at the time)
the next morning and called me back.  They gave me some information that
confirmed what we'd been told overnight one we finally found an AT tech.

> 2. After you finally made contact with
> Austrian Telecom, did you tell them about the inoc-dba system 
> and direct them to the URL with information about how to get 
> connected?

That's actually a good idea.  I was rather tired at the time and didn't
think about.  I'll raise this with their management when we conduct a
post-mortem tomorrow.



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