IBGP Question --- Router Reflector or iBGP Mesh

Erik Haagsman erik at we-dare.net
Wed Jan 12 13:12:06 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-01-12 at 12:20, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:

> (Obviously the IGP metric will be different at the client, but the 
> client doesn't see the other routes, so it can't make a different 
> decision. The real fun starts when the next (intra-AS) hop isn't a 
> reflector client and the packet now takes a different path than the 
> reflector client thought it would take.)

Yep, policing IGP and i/eBGP route distribution correctly so traffic
flows logically through the best path over the network as seen from both
the RR clients as intra-AS hops further down the path can be a bit
challenging, though you'd want every non-RR router to be a RR client and
every RR to behave like an RR client to RR's in other clusters, so you'd
have a reasonably uniform view of the network. 


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