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Deepak Jain deepak at
Tue Jan 11 23:24:30 UTC 2005

> Yeah, *that* one was basically a matter of restarting the grid.  Do you remember
> about a decade or so back, an ice storm in Ontario?  *That* one had many places
> without power for *weeks*.
> ObNANOG: How many weeks of continuous duty is *your* backup generator rated for? ;)

We had an interesting issue with one of our fuel suppliers during the 
hurricane two years ago. They lost power, so their phone system which 
takes reservations wasn't working. So its a good idea to ask if your 
fuel company has its own generator... or at least one of the ones you 
have a supply contract with.

While many generators might be able to do a continuous duty cycle, 
plenty of UPS systems will get worked pretty solidly cleaning up that 
power for weeks. And the infrastructure -- getting fuel, getting the 
roads plowed, getting fuel to your snow plows, all have issues -- 
keeping your 24/7 staff fed & well rested for a prolonged 
emergency...getting them to work if public transportation is used.

Like the NYC power outage where gas stations had gas, but no electricity 
for their pumps. I know of at least 1 Exxon in Tyson's Corner (next to 
Gallows/Boone) that has an UNLEADED fuel generator... so they can use 
their own fuel to power it. A Diesel generator at a gas station that 
doesn't sell it is bad.. :)


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