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Tue Jan 11 22:13:29 UTC 2005

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> I'll predict that if we *don't* have an attack on the power grid in the
> next 10 years, it's because the attackers have come up with something else
> they consider even more interesting as a target.  A downed power line, even
> though it may have more economic impact, has less emotional impact.....

And between natural disasters, ice storms, fat operator fingers, and
hot evenings that strain the grid to breaking, most people have delt
with power outages enough that there is nothing novel about them. These
regular outages do not cause sigificant injury or loss of life. Not a
lot there to cause terror.

OTOH, coordinating an attack on a power grid with some other attack(s),
that could get them some bang for the buck.

Remember that last big one in the northeast? The government kept
reassuring that it wasn't terrorism... like that means there isn't a
security issue. If a few dopes at a one power company can collapse the
whole northeast grid, there IS a security problem.
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