[eweek article] Window of "anonymity" when domain exists, whois not updated yet

Michael.Dillon at radianz.com Michael.Dillon at radianz.com
Tue Jan 11 10:14:35 UTC 2005

> But as article specifically mentions sending during the night and
> registration next morning that does seem to indicate eweek found out
> about "no whois" but with already registered domain, i.e. see

Could they simply be referring to the technique of
sending spam at night with a URL to a non-existent
domain? When everyone's NOC sees the spam for the first
time and tries to get the website shut down, it's not there.
Tickets are closed, and many people think someone else
already had the site taken down.

But, first thing in the morning, the domain is registered
just in time to accept the first queries from gullible
customers eager to find out how to collect their
lottery winnings. For a few hours, the spammers collect
phone numbers and then spend the next few days running
their telephone con.

Rinse and repeat.

When we make it too hard for legitimate businesses to
use spam as a means of advertising their product, then
only criminals will use spam. The arms race continues...

--Michael Dillon

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