soliciting agenda topics for the sunday night meeting

Daniel Golding dgolding at
Mon Jan 10 19:58:28 UTC 2005

The (many) authors of the NANOG-Reform proposal would like to put out this
brief clarification to address some concerns from the community...


Clarification: There has been concern that this proposal would limit NANOG
mailing list reading/posting privileges or meeting attendance privileges.
This is not the case. The only benefit of "membership" would be the ability
to vote for the Board. List posting and conference attendance would remain
as they are: to operators, vendors, academics, enterprise users, and any
other interested party.

Additionally, there has been concern that this proposal seeks to narrow the
definition of "on-topic" for NANOG-L. In fact, the reverse is closer to the
truth. The shift from Merit to community moderation is intended to lighten
the hand of the moderator. All topics of general interest to the
Internetworking community would be considered on-topic. Any further
clarification would come from the elected BoD's, which would act in
accordance with the wishes of the community. It is the desire of this
document's authors that "warnings", "suspensions" and other such punitive
actions would be unnecessary (or, at the least, extremely rare), following
such a transition.

Lastly, readers should remember that this proposal is a working document and
not a standard or set of bylaws. As such, its very much open to debate and
discussion. If the community desires a more open standard for "membership",
than it can be opened up, provided there is a reasonable way to define the
constituency for election purposes.


(this will also be posted to the web site)

Please remember to check out


On 1/10/05 2:40 PM, "Paul Vixie" <vixie at> wrote:

> here's the updated agenda, with three changes.
> 1. added betty burke's presentation.
> 2. added adjournment.
> 3. added webcast/concall.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> introduction   martin hannigan   5 minutes
> & paul vixie
> (moderators)
> overview of history     betty burke                     15 minutes
> & history structure
> of NANOG
> program committee steve feldman   20 minutes
> overview
> "reform proposal" dan golding (et al)  15 minutes
> adjournment             paul vixie                      5 minutes
> (& directions  & martin hannigan
> to the hotel bar) (moderators)
> Q&A and discussion will follow each presentation, with moderation but
> without specific time limits set in advance.  (Q&A and open discussion
> will take most of the time of this meeting.)
> a webcast or one-way speakerphone will be made available, and there
> will be an IRC channel with local note takers for possible remote Q&A.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> and as before...
>>> anybody else got anything else?  send to martin, myself, both of us, or
>>> the [email protected] mailing list if you want to put something on the sunday night
>>> agenda.

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