Weekly Routing Table Report

Jerry Pasker info at n-connect.net
Sat Jan 8 00:15:45 UTC 2005

>>Analysis Summary
>>BGP routing table entries examined:                              153319
>>    Prefixes after maximum aggregation:                           89967
>Should it matter that in six months its gone from 140k to 153k?
>At this rate it might crack 200k in less than two years.

This was about the weekly routing table report, but I'm going to 
bring in some numbers from the CIDR report.

It would be back down to 140k if the "dirty 30"  top offenders in the 
CIDR Report would aggregate their routes.

Someone's going to have to draw a line in the sand at some point, and 
someone thinking locally and acting globally is going to be punished 
by the globe.  Don't ask me how this could work, because I don't have 
an answer.

Maybe "I'm the Dirty 30" T-Shirts could be made up and handed out. 
(I wonder if a couple of major routing venders, who profit from 
routing table growth, would sponsor the creation of the t shirts.... 


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