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Hi John,


I think that folly never developed into anything.


Pete may have better info.








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Alan and Pete, 

I am looking for some network metrics or industry averages and came across
your thread of some time ago.  You referenced some measurement metrics such
as those listed below.  I am looking for industry standards to look through
and base some investigations on, do you know of any published key standards
that are available to use in research and analysis?


*       Peering and Transit Cost 
*       Peering and Transit Cost / bit 
*       Revenue 
*       Revenue/bit 
*       Change Management Practices and Successes 
*       Outages 
*       Ave Uptime/Device by Type 
*       Ave # Trouble Tickets / Time 
*       Customer Turnips/Month 
*       Customer Call hold times and call lengths 
*       Peering BW 
*       Peering Utilization 
*       Average Backbone Circuit Utilization 
*       Peak Backbone Circuit Utilization [maybe P95 of circuits, or top 20
*       Packet Loss and Latency within network 
*       Packet Loss and Latency outside of network on Internet 
*       Devices managed 
*       # of employees required 
*       Ave # of employees / device 
*       Capex $$ / POP 
*       Capex $$ / bit or bps 
*       Traffic/Pop 
*       dialup hold times 
*       Ave Packet Size 


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