soliciting agenda topics for the sunday night meeting

Paul Vixie paul at
Wed Jan 5 22:07:14 UTC 2005

> is this at the rio? if so which conf. room?

i refer of course to <>,
although there is really only one steve feldman and he does not work for
verisign.  martin hannigan, missing from the list of speakers/moderators
as of this moment, actually does work for verisign.

anyway, it's betty's party and so she'll also speak and moderate, but we
need a more inclusive agenda than the three points shown at the above url.

therefore i shall repeat:

> | anybody else got anything else?  send to martin, myself, both of us, or
> | the [email protected] mailing list if you want to put something on the sunday night
> | agenda.

except, you can also send to steve feldman (the c|net one not the verisign
one) if you'd like something added to the agenda for sunday night.

and no, i don't know if it's at the rio or in what conference room.  but
i'm very sure that there will be signs near the registration area and/or
terminal room and/or noc area, so wander around, you're sure to find us.

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