Proposed list charter/AUP change?

Bill Nash billn at
Wed Jan 5 18:56:44 UTC 2005

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Janet Sullivan wrote:

> Bill Nash wrote:
>> On/off topic is very relevant, since it determines moderator involvement. 
>> Many people feel moderation is broken, and topical candidates are an 
>> element of it. Seeing post after post from people who feel they've been 
>> unfairly sanctioned, or having clueful users appearing on virtual milk 
>> cartons is a problem. Fix it.

This is an excellent point to bring up, and it's good to have alternative 


It's a band-aid, in the short term, and won't do much to 
'unalienate' (disalienate?) those who have departed, by choice or 
otherwise, because of moderator actions.

- billn

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