Tracking spoofed routes?

David Meyer dmm at
Wed Jan 5 15:06:17 UTC 2005


>> I am seeking avenues to investigate a possible case of IP address spoofing.
>> I've recently received complaints which suggest that in the recent
>> past (but not right now), somebody may have announced a more specific
>> prefix, effectively hijacking "unused" address space within our
>> allocated range.
>> As it happens, the address space is not unused, just not visible on
>> the public Internet.
>> I am aware of route reflectors and other options to manually review
>> what prefixes are currently announced, but have not been able to find
>> a *searchable* archive of historical data, either overall BGP tables
>> or just "unusual" announcements.  The closest thing I've found so far
>> is Route Views (, however there is no
>> obvious way to search the (huge) archived data files for substring
>> matches?

	We're involved in trying to build database front ends for
	the data so you can do just this sort of thing. But right
	now, we're a little stuck. One thing you might try is
	using BGPlay to watch what happens to your prefix.

>> Alternately, are there any existing mechanisms for monitoring route
>> announcements which can provide near real-time alerting when any
>> prefixes within specific subnet ranges are announced?

	Not that I know of. You can log into and use the cli to watch it,
	but that is a manual process.

	Hope this helps,


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