Proposed list charter/AUP change?

Joe Johnson jjohnson at
Wed Jan 5 05:31:46 UTC 2005

Before I write anything else, I wanted to say how much I enjoy reading
NANOG and how much I appreciate all the things you have taught me in the
past year I have been on the list.  I realized today after the third
person asked how I knew something obscure and technical that so much has
rubbed off on me from your posts.  I certainly look forward to what this
next year brings.

Nanog could have a set of similar topics - [OP-SEC] for operational
security related issues, [OP-SPAM] for when members really do want to
discuss spam issues that they consider operational, etc.

To use the vernacular . . . that would rock.

what is needed urgently is for this
special meeting not to end up as a repetition of "the moderator is
heavy handed", "list members always wander off topic, and we have to
head them off somehow", and instead to develop on more productive

I certainly know if I were Susan or someone else at Merit, and I heard
that I wouldn't respond well at all.  It seems heavy handed because they
can only ask for people to handle themselves professionally so many
times before it becomes frustrating to them and it's just easier to ban
or block then to explain rationally.

On the same hand, none of us respond well to being told that we're
straying and need to drop the issue.  Let's face it, most people posting
to the list know in their mind that they're always right (I know I am,
at least) and to be told that we need to stop without the last word
stings.  People need to realize that it only stings their pride, and
they need to move on.  Some of the emails I wrote when I wandered a few
weeks ago had to be deleted and re-written because I couldn't believe
how nasty I was.  Luckily, I dropped it.  Just like I am dropping this
issue now, because this is way off Operational topics.

Joe Johnson

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