Sunday evening meeting

Bill Nash billn at
Tue Jan 4 01:10:15 UTC 2005

On Mon, 3 Jan 2005, Susan Harris wrote:

>> Also, what are the expected outcomes of this meeting?
> We can't predict outcomes until we hear from you folks - that's the goal
> of the meeting, to hear any and all concerns about moderation of the NANOG
> list, selection of talks for the meetings, and whatever else is on your
> mind.  We'll then take your input back to Merit and the program committee
> and suggest some potential solutions.

At the risk of being a caustic agitator, I should imagine the outcomes 
would include:
- A change of moderation policy and practices for the mailing list.
- A change of moderators for the mailing list.
- A change of venue for the mailing list.
- Nothing.

At the minimum, one would hope to see:
- Periodic reminders of what's on topic and what isn't.
- A working warning system for repeat short-term offenders.
- Increased visibility into the why's of sanctions applied to productive 
clueful posters.
- Actual responses to direct queries regarding policy and actions.

>From the dearth of emails sent by the various folks who crawled out of the 
woodwork with denigrating remarks about what I could reasonably expect 
with my direct request for moderator comment on ratification of the list's 
charter, I'd say this last item is the most significant. I am, in fact, 
still waiting, as many people predicted I would be. I realize I may seem 
the interloper on this subject, as a read-only non-expert for most of the 
common discussions, but at the very minimum I would 'reasonably expect' 
the professional courtesy of a response, even if it had been as minimal as 
"This can be discussed at the next meeting."

I'd rather be blown off with some well placed smoke or sunshine than be 
made to think I'm null routing my own email.

- billn

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