minimum requirements for a full bgp feed

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Mon Jan 3 20:00:19 UTC 2005

Mark Bojara wrote:

> Hello All,
> If I wish to purchase a Cisco router that handles a full internet BGP 
> feed what are the minimum specs I should be looking at?
> Regards
> Mark Bojara
Somewhat on topic, saw this today

     CSCef51906 Bug Details     
Headline      BGP: reduce CPU impact of scanner
Product      all     Model      
Component      bgp     Duplicate of      
Severity      3  Severity help     Status      Resolved  Status help
First Found-in Version      12.2S   All affected versions     First 
Fixed-in Version      12.3(12.3)T, 12.2(27.7)S
Release Notes
This ddts reduces the amount of CPU required by the "BGP Scanner" process.

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