minimum requirements for a full bgp feed

Erik Amundson Erik.Amundson at
Mon Jan 3 14:27:42 UTC 2005

In my experience it depends on the model of router.  I had a 3640
(granted, it's old) with 128MB that was just fine until a couple of
months ago, now it's not enough.  For one BGP table you will have to
have at least 256MB in a 36xx router.  Our 720xVXR routers currently
have 256MB in them as well, but we've already ordered upgrades to 1GB
with new NPE-G1s...
- Erik


From: Mark Bojara [mailto:mark at] 
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Subject: minimum requirements for a full bgp feed

Hello All,

If I wish to purchase a Cisco router that handles a full internet BGP
feed what are the minimum specs I should be looking at?

Mark Bojara

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