Network Monitoring System - Recommendations?

Alexei Roudnev alex at
Fri Oct 29 06:22:44 UTC 2004

I use

for bandwidth, links monityoring, router's cpu usage, etc etc; and

for additional parameters.

First (developed in Moscow for few ISP) monitors abd adapted here for
Enterprise (and shows everuything on the single scree, with traffic bars)
300 - 600 links without any problems (using approx 5% of servers cpu);
second allows to monitor non standard parameters), have tickets, reports,
alerts; second is very flexible (even to  flexible).

Btw, we implemented per-usert view (user can open his link and see traffic,
tickets, usage reports etc for HIS link only)
in snmpstat.

(In reality, we use portal based on snmpstat, with few different tools
integrated tiogether, such as Cisco Configuration Repository, ProBIND2 ,
inventory database, alert alias system with archive and so on).

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> >>3)       Bandwidth reporting (or integration with an MRTG-type app)
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> You can also do this with Nagios now too.. with APAN.
> It's kind of cool. :D
> -Jonathan

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