Big List of network owners?

John Underhill stepnwlf at
Thu Oct 28 21:03:57 UTC 2004

Perhaps I should have made my inquiry/intentions a little more specific.
Just in the thinking out loud stage here, but..
I would like to put an interactive help system together. One where, the user 
would have the option to forward some types of complaints directly to the 
hosting provider/ISP through a web portal. Form data would be collected, 
trends analyzed, if a particular address space is consistently behaving 
irresponsibly, it would be forwarded to an agent for further investigation.
At which point, depending on the type of, and number of problems, further 
steps could be taken to correct the problem, ex administrative contact, 
resolving a hijack site to a warning page, or worst case: filtering that 
network entirely. We already do this to some degree, but I am looking for a 
way to make it more reflexive, automated, and give the users a more direct 
course of action that releases our help desk from some of the burden..


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> Yo Randy!
> On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Randy Bush wrote:
>> in general, we try not to make life that easy for spammers and scammers
> Too late.  That horse ran out the barn when Verisgn sold their whois data.
> At this point keeping the data hard to get just makes it harder on
> abuse admins.
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