[Insight?] OutPut Drops Cisco 7206VXR

Gyorfy, Shawn Shawn.Gyorfy at eurekanetworks.net
Tue Oct 26 14:27:39 UTC 2004

What's up all,

I have a question, maybe some have experienced this before- let me paint the
picture for you first - We are running VoIP- customer's are experiencing

I have a DS3 going for a Cisco 10k router to a Cisco 7206VXR M2T-T3+ pa
Interface.  As of right now, the current usage is about 5.5Mbps with an
input rate of about 1425pps and output rate of 756. 

The Fast Ethernet is connected to an Extreme Switch.  The FastE's usage
right now is about 20Mbps with an input rate of 868pps and an output of

On the FastE - we are seeing Output drops.  They were at a constant
interval, when we were running IOS c7200-p-mz.123-9a.  As per cisco, we
upgraded the IOS to c7200-p-mz.123-10 because of a possible buffer leak.
Rather than just upgrading the IOS on the current box, we swapped it out to
a new box and still recv output drops and Now the puppy decides to reboot
every 15 minutes returning a, "System returned to ROM by bus error at PC
0x60132C44, address 0xE16E2CD at 13:38:47 UTC Tue Oct 26 2004"

Questions:  (a) What would be causing the output errors - can't the
processor and memory handle that?  
		(b) what is that bus error?

Thanks all,



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