Routing to external?

joe joej at
Sat Oct 23 14:02:04 UTC 2004


I have an odd question that I'm faced with regarding routing to external
address spaces.
The senario is a large network (global) with multiple points, each POP has
tail sites that
home and default to that Ipop as a gateway of last resort. The question I'm
wrestling with
is at each pop I have a /24 range, would it be best practice to route
internally to those address
spaces versus routing through my pop to each? In otherwords, if say I have a
network thats
located in Russia and I'm attempting to get to it from North America,
wouldn't it make
more sense to route through my own WAN versus the internet? My thought is
that since
I have more control over my WAN than the internet, I can better anticipate
the results, but
one could argue that it may make more sense to use the internet from each

Any comments or thoughts are appreciated,

Joe Blanchard

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