BW Management solutions advice

Albinati, Luis Martin Albo at
Fri Oct 22 19:24:07 UTC 2004


I am considering some bandwidth management solutions and would like to
know if some of you people have had some real world experiences with
this kind of boxes.
More specifically I am looking at some Large-ISP or Carrier-Grade
solutions with at least the following specifications:

>= 1Gbps traffic capacity
>500k simultaneous connections
Layer 7 stateful packet inspection (via protocol signatures and/or
protocol analysis)
Traffic prioritization, shaping, QoS and bandwidth provisioning based on
custom defined policies (vlan id, ip ranges, tos, time of day, etc)
possibility to easily update and deploy new or modified protocol
definitions without affecting availability.

In the past days I've been analyzing solutions from Allot and P-Cube,
and some of them would seem to be fine, but I would like to know if you
have had experiences with these or other products that might fit for the
job. I would greatly appreciate all the advices, recommendations or
suggestions that you may want to share about this.

Thanks in advance.


Luis M. Albinati
Prima S.A. Argentina (AS10481)

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