3 Mb question

Gerald gcoon at inch.com
Wed Oct 13 21:47:18 UTC 2004

I've got what seems to me like an innocuous question for this list...

Someone is requesting access to about 3 mb of traffic up/dn. I figure 2
T1s will give them the 3 Mb I need, but I'm looking for suggestions on
either efficiently combining those 2 to get the most bandwidth for their
buck or else I have to look at getting them a ds3 and scaling back to
what they need.

Is there an good low end suggestion for making effective use of 2 T1s to
give 3 Mb of bandwidth? In practice, I've seen 2 T1s load balanced with
CEF not do very well at giving a full 3 Mb. (This was without turning on
per-packet CEF)

I'm not personally experienced with MLPPP or mux hardware if that helps,
but I could get it set up if that's the consensus as the best option.
The NRC of something that would effectively couple the 2 T1s would
easily beat the MRC of a DS3 which I think might be overkill for just 3

Thanks for suggestions and tips.


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