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joshua sahala jejs at
Wed Oct 13 19:25:41 UTC 2004

On (13/10/04 18:43), bmanning at wrote:
> > 
> > Is this where you advocate that providers only announce the parts of
> > their assigned blocks that are in use?
> 	seems like a good lead in, so yes - i advocate folks only
> 	announce what they use.  may play old-hob on the ISP that
> 	likes to use some other metric for accepting announcements,
> 	(e.g. RIR or other routing registry DB) and will no doubt
> 	increase the tension on justification of proxy announcements,
> 	but overall, this seems to be a good goal.

 i thought that a common goal was to announce only your aggregates 
 (which would inherently include unused space) rather than announce 
 all your deag'ed space (which should be more well used)

 two of my acl's have dropped ~9million packets destined for bogon
 networks in the past week (only about 20 Mbps on this router)...bogon
 sources are probably equivalent (although i havent been logging it,
 but in light of recent discussions, i probably will start again)
> 	thanks for letting me rant. :)

 yep - me too


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