short Botnet list and Cashing in on DoS

David Barak thegameiam at
Wed Oct 13 11:13:43 UTC 2004

--- Andrew D Kirch <trelane at> wrote:
> and anyone posting from yahoo/gmail/hotmail
> should have their
> posting rights immediately revoked because obviously
> they have no claim
> whatsoever to any critical Network Operations.

You had me until then: has it not occurred to you that
some of us work for large corporations which would
rather not make official stands on the topics
discussed on the NANOG list?  There is a certain
plausible deniability which is created by using a
yahoo/etc account.  Furthermore, some of us have
changed jobs inside the field, and the use of personal
email addresses avoids any complications with that. 
Also, it avoids the stupid autoresponder issues which
some corporations force upon their employees.  Your
argument works if you're the boss.  If you're not, of
if there's any PHBs above you, it's better to stick
with the private email.

David Barak
-fully RFC 1925 compliant-

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