BCP38 making it work, solving problems

Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at outblaze.com
Tue Oct 12 03:09:28 UTC 2004

Daniel Senie wrote:
> One of your arguments presented was that corporate customers weren't 
> asking for unicast RPF, and I responded that corporate customers are not 
> in need of automated mechanisms to implement BCP38, since in most cases 
> their networks are EDGE networks, and it's quite simple to filter your 
> egress points to ensure you don't send out any spoofed packets.

There is, of course, the issue of multihomed networks, or networks that 
have satellite connectivity etc emitting spoofed source packets.

Yes I know that multihoming customers must make sure packets going out 
to the internet over a link match the route advertised out that link .. 
but stupid multihoming implementations do tend to ensure that lots of 
people will yell loudly, and yell loudly enough for several tickets to 
be escalated well beyond tier 1 NOC support desks, for ISPs to kind of 
think twice before they put uRPF filters in ..


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