deprecating BCP38 and similar

Edward B. Dreger eddy+public+spam at
Mon Oct 11 14:15:27 UTC 2004

I think I'll change my position on BCP38.  It's pointless to try
blocking spoofed source addresses because:

* It doesn't solve every single problem
* It means more effort for service providers
* It requires more CPU processing power
* Using it will generate smarter "black hats".

I also think everyone should drop all forms of IP ACLs and
password checking.  Neither of those have solved every Internet
problem, they require more effort and CPU, and smarter crackers
have surfaced as a result of their deployment.  These measures
are ineffective, and it is silly to waste time with them.

Anyone from Microsoft listening?  I suggest you terminate your
Trustworthy Computing Initiative.  Not every problem is caused by
a buffer overrun or race condition, and you're wasting billions
of dollars.  I suggest you post regularly to NANOG, helping
educate the masses that anything less than a silver bullet is

Eddy, who hopes everyone recognizes hyperbole and sarcasm
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