[nanog] Re: short Botnet list and Cashing in on DoS

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Sun Oct 10 03:57:36 UTC 2004

On Sat, 9 Oct 2004, Alexei Roudnev wrote:

Then get yourself a personal colo (http://www.vix.com/personalcolo/)  A 
dynamic ip is no place for a server of any kind.

And it IS the isp's concern.  Most of them would consider running a mail 
server on a home-user grade cable connection to be in violation of their 
AUP if push came to shove, and they have every right to block you.


>>> Next you'll block SIP if we start getting "spam calls"? Or any other
>>> application that pops up and is used by the same people sending spam
> today?
>> There is the issue of usability. Why does a Cable user on a dynamic
>> range need SMTP open?
> Because I am running my own SMTP server @ FreeBSD, for example. It is MY
> concern, not ISP concern.
> .


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