MPLS Book Recommendation

Pete Templin petelists at
Thu Oct 7 21:39:01 UTC 2004

Charlie Khanna - NextWeb wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good book on MPLS?  I’m looking for something 
> that will illustrate network design/implementation (including possible 
> Cisco configs) with MPLS.  Thanks!

All Cisco Press:

MPLS and VPN Architectures, CCIP edition (Pepelnjak, Guichard) is an 
excellent book to cover MPLS, particularly along the lines of VPNs.

Advanced MPLS Design and Implementation (Alwayn) is an excellent overall 
reference to MPLS forwarding, VPNs, and traffic engineering.

MPLS and VPN Architectures, Volume II (Pepelnjak, Guichard, Apcar) is an 
excellent follow-up to the CCIP edition (it technically follows Volume 
I, but the CCIP edition is much fresher in content).

Traffic Engineering with MPLS (Osborne, Simha) was truly fun to read 
(which is quite a stretch for a book on MPLS), and really covered the 
theory and deployment of MPLS/TE in exceptional detail.


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