short Botnet list and Cashing in on DoS

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Since we're posting articles this morning:

"North Korea Has Some 600 Computer Hackers, South Korea Says"

>From MIT's Tech Review Newsletter:

"They don't need physical nukes to create problems ... They (the North Koreans) could just exploit our network vulnerabilities. 
It's completely doable."\?trk=nl

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On Thu Oct  7  0:10 , 'J. Oquendo' <sil at> sent:

>I've been slowly compiling a list of known botnets should
>anyone care to filter, or check them in your netblocks if someone in your
>range is passing off garbage, etc. Information has been passed from others
>admins having to deal with these pest. Care to pass on a host that you're
>seeing I'll post it for others to see as well. Perhaps when I have
>spare time, I may or may not throw up something where admins can check,
>add, hosts they're seeing. Don't know if I want my connection getting
>toasted for doing so, but it could be something informative, a-la
>spamhaus. Bothaus anyone?
>Virus writers seek cash from chaos
>By John Leyden
>The Register
>Last month Trend Micro, the anti-virus firm, recorded a six-fold increase
>in malware compared to September 2003. It detected 1,485 new items of
>malware last month, compared to 250 new types of malicious code in the
>same period last year.
>Trend also records the emergence of the first JPEG virus in September, and
>notes that the most damaging variant of the Sasser worm - Sasser-B - is
>still prevalent four months after its first appearance in the wild.
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