short Botnet list and Cashing in on DoS

J. Oquendo sil at
Thu Oct 7 05:10:46 UTC 2004

I've been slowly compiling a list of known botnets should
anyone care to filter, or check them in your netblocks if someone in your
range is passing off garbage, etc. Information has been passed from others
admins having to deal with these pest. Care to pass on a host that you're
seeing I'll post it for others to see as well. Perhaps when I have
spare time, I may or may not throw up something where admins can check,
add, hosts they're seeing. Don't know if I want my connection getting
toasted for doing so, but it could be something informative, a-la
spamhaus. Bothaus anyone?

Virus writers seek cash from chaos
By John Leyden
The Register

Last month Trend Micro, the anti-virus firm, recorded a six-fold increase
in malware compared to September 2003. It detected 1,485 new items of
malware last month, compared to 250 new types of malicious code in the
same period last year.


Trend also records the emergence of the first JPEG virus in September, and
notes that the most damaging variant of the Sasser worm - Sasser-B - is
still prevalent four months after its first appearance in the wild.

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