NANOG 32 PGP key signing

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Tue Oct 5 12:58:55 UTC 2004

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> Those of you attending NANOG 32 are encouraged to submit your public PGP
> key to take part in the regular key signing event.
> As usual, the group PGP signing event will occur following the nsp-sec
> BoF on Monday night.  Full details for the NANOG 32 PGP signing event
> can be found here:

>  <>

There doesn't seem to be a lot of emphasis on identity verification
according to this page. It only says "You might want to bring photo id
with you". Personally, and all the keysignings I've been involved with
and people I've spoken to about them, you should *always* verify
government issue photo id when agreeing to sign someone's key.

Len Sassaman's Efficient Group Key Signing Method is worth a read too.
It's at:


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