short Botnet list and Cashing in on DoS

Alexei Roudnev alex at
Sat Oct 9 19:08:45 UTC 2004

If my ISP block port 25, I'll change ISP next day.

But if it will be _configurable_ (blocked by default, but I can change
setting by simple openimng web page and select checkbox) - why not.

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> Gadi Evron wrote:
> >
> > Problem is, we are a fighting a war we already lost. It's put out a
> > fire here and there, and break a wave while you're at it.
> >
> > How about seeing some simple measures such as blocking outgoing port
> > 25? at ISP's? Not a perfect solution, but it's a partial solution for
> > some of the problems. Combined with other solutions we could start
> > seeing a change.
> Blocking ports one by one and filling the Internet by application level
> proxies (SMTP gateways for port 25) is not a road worth travelling.
> Pete

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