Open Source BGP Route Optimization?

Sam Stickland sam_ml at
Fri May 28 22:33:54 UTC 2004

Andrew - Supernews <andrew at> wrote:
>>>>>> "Per" == Per Gregers Bilse <bilse at> writes:
>  Per> But that wasn't really the point.  If I telnet to all border
>  Per> routers and do 'sh ip b' I can get all tables too; likewise if I
>  Per> have a starting point and do a lot of LS traceroutes; and maybe
>  Per> even via SNMP (haven't checked what various MIBs support).
> You can get the received routes via SNMP. I've done this manually on
> occasion for the purposes of doing "what-if" analysis of potential
> traffic plans - take a dump of all available external routes via SNMP,
> apply to that the proposed policy with regard to selecting the best
> route, then correlate the resulting route choices with known traffic
> statistics to determine the resulting utilisation levels of each
> external link. This has proven useful in a number of situations where
> radical changes to external routing were being made, to avoid
> unexpectedly overloading particular links.

I would had liked to had been able to have done such things in the past. I
was thinking about having a go at writing something, but it's not like I
have enough time as it is, and our network isn't really big enough to
warrant it.

Though I am interested in what tools already exist to support this (more out
of curiousity than need). A quick google search threw up a couple of
research papers and IP/MPLSView (, but I presume others on
this list will know of more?


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