Open Source BGP Route Optimization?

Andrew - Supernews andrew at
Fri May 28 21:46:06 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Per" == Per Gregers Bilse <bilse at> writes:

 Per> But that wasn't really the point.  If I telnet to all border
 Per> routers and do 'sh ip b' I can get all tables too; likewise if I
 Per> have a starting point and do a lot of LS traceroutes; and maybe
 Per> even via SNMP (haven't checked what various MIBs support).

You can get the received routes via SNMP. I've done this manually on
occasion for the purposes of doing "what-if" analysis of potential
traffic plans - take a dump of all available external routes via SNMP,
apply to that the proposed policy with regard to selecting the best
route, then correlate the resulting route choices with known traffic
statistics to determine the resulting utilisation levels of each
external link. This has proven useful in a number of situations where
radical changes to external routing were being made, to avoid
unexpectedly overloading particular links.

Andrew, Supernews

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