Cisco HFR

Herman Harless herman at
Wed May 26 19:06:53 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 14:55, Williams, Jeff wrote:
> Peter Galbavy wrote:
> >Today's Financial Times in the UK carried a mutli-page (1/3rd or so of 
> >each broadsheet page) series of ads for this platform.
> >
> >Ergh, the worst fluffy "now you can do this" marketing I have seen in 
> >quite a while. When will they learn that "bigger, faster, harder" is 
> >difficult to PR...
> >
> >Peter
> Given the performance of this box isn't it a bit silly to mass market
> advertise it?  At a guess there are only a few dozen companies worldwide
> that might need such a machine- so why not go direct to them?  Or is this a
> case of 'brand awareness'?  Is it really that important that the population
> at large thinks that Cisco gear is at the core of the Internet?  Are
> end-users supposed to call their ISP and demand they use Cisco 'cause they
> saw a commercial for them?  Just curious... I like their gear, just not
> their marketing.
> Jeff

No, this for their stockholders/investors.  This type of advertising is
strictly for Wall Street, not for engineers.  


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