Open Source BGP Route Optimization?

Burton, Chris Chris.Burton at
Tue May 25 21:08:52 UTC 2004

	I thought Zebra/Quagga just implemented the actual routing
daemons/processes, not any route optimization other then optimization
that can be had by manual intervention; nothing on the lines of Route
Science or the Cisco OER.

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Doesn't Zebra also have something along those lines?
-- Jonathan

Drew Weaver wrote:

> Not sure I'd trust something that was truly open source to handle 
> something so important. But I guess I trust nagios for my service 
> availability so shame on me ;-)
> -Drew
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> Hello!
> Does anybody happen to know of any open source project working on a 
> BGP route optimizer like what Route Science or Internap or the likes 
> have commercially?
> Just sounds like the sort of thing somebody would have though of, but 
> I've never seen any mention of it..
> Regards,
> Noel Montales
> Waveform Technology LLC

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