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> > Eric Kuhnke
> > Here it is, complete with OC-768 interface:
> >
> It's a BFR allright. I wonder how much OC-768 linecards will go for; if
> it's consistent with 2OC192/POS-IR-SC some will be over a million list a
> pop. And you thought 12816 gear was pricey?

No. The BFR was the development name for Tony Li's last Cisco project
and morphed into the GSR. The processor card in at least early GSRs had
a BFR sticker on them. 

This box is the HFR which, according to the San Jose Mercury, is short
for "Huge Fast Router". (Some reporter at the Merc probably still
believes in the tooth fairy.)

As with many things, if you have to ask how much it costs before
deciding to order it, you can't afford it.
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