fiber cut 19 May/PM -> 20 May/AM in Ashburn, VA (lawnmower?!)

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Fri May 21 02:15:32 UTC 2004

Since none of the usual suspects have noted it, I'll give a cursory
nod to an ILEC (Verizon) fiber cut that happened mid-afternoon
yesterday in Ashburn, VA.  About a thousand POTS customers were down
(including several OOB dialups of which I am aware in the Equinix
facility in Ashburn), as well as some T1 and faster loops to Equinix
and elsewhere in the immediate area.  Outage was likely off the radar
because despite the big concentration of connectivity in the affected
area, the natural cost disadvantage of the ILEC meant that few
circuits of consequence were riding that fiber.

Service was resumed after approximately 12 hours.  RFO given was that
the fiber cut was caused by a commercial lawnmower.  Humorous comments
left as an exercise to the reader.


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