HI-JACKED, I need some help

Jess Kitchen jk at burstfire.net
Fri May 21 01:32:26 UTC 2004

On Thu, 20 May 2004, P.Schroebel wrote:

> Hello Folks,
>     I have tried everything but keep running into walls, someone has
> hi-jacked a block and is routing it out of Ga. They come
> online, we catch heck, they go offline and so it goes. I have called
> everyone and can't seem to get anyone to take the route out of their
> session. Can anyone in Nanog help out here, please.

http://www.ris.ripe.net/cgi-bin/risprefix.cgi will give you an audit-trail
of sorts to take to bellsouth, assuming you can find someone cooperative.


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