Dell power connect switches.

Kevin C Miller kevinm at
Thu May 20 20:27:11 UTC 2004

> Can anyone tell me any good/bad points about them?

I looked at the 3248 and 5224s about a year ago, and would strongly advise 
against deploying any of the gear in a production environment. They had a 
number of issues with LACP/dot1q. The most severe issue is that the 
management interface would occasionally crash hard -- no control possible, 
even by serial line. It was still passing packets, but had to be reloaded 
to change anything. They were also a number of exploits of the web 
interface (incorrect implementations of access control, improper bounds 
checking, etc.)

You get what you pay for. I believe the switches are OEMed from Accton; 
you'll find other vendors (e.g. SMC) selling the same boxes.


Kevin C. Miller <kcm at>

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