Flash crowds and DOS on POTS

Peter Galbavy peter.galbavy at knowtion.net
Mon May 17 09:24:45 UTC 2004

Richard Cox wrote:
> This is known as "call-gapping" and is not without some controversy.

Richard doesn't say - cause he's too polite - is that in the UK you can
*buy* this service as a customer. Oh, I only want 1 in 20 calls to arrive
please... This has started to die as more and more large call terminators
(game shows, charities etc.) make money out of interconnect and
non-geographic termination revenue. Now the objective is to terminate every
call and keep the cumb pleb on hold as long as possible.

Strange how I very rarely call a *sales* number now that is neither
freephone or real geographic. I know, in the UK at least, that if the
company has an "0870" (Netional Call Rate for non UK folks) sales number,
then it is not in their interest to get me off hold quickly.

The reason I say that is, historically at least, I recall that the
provisioning of the network is different in different markets because of the
economies of caller-pays vs. called-party-pays.


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