Pay-As-You-Use High-Speed Internet?

Jonathan M. Slivko jslivko at
Fri May 14 23:26:55 UTC 2004


> What's your cost on managing the bandwidth? You're basically creating 
> on-demand frame circuits, and balancing them is tricky (actually, 
> deciding on an oversubscription ratio is easy, dealing with the 
> customers is the tricky part!) on a low-margin basis. Of course, if 
> you're a BofH or a sales guy, I expect that to be less bothersome than 
> if you're a techie who has to actually talk to the customer when their 
> neighbor takes up their bandwidth. Sometimes I wish I could be a bit 
> more slimey to make paying the bills less painful *sigh*

Actually, our model doesn't allow for oversubscription as it's a 
committed (meaning you have the bandwidth that you purchased guaranteed 
to you), dynamic rate.

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