Pay-As-You-Use High-Speed Internet?

Jonathan M. Slivko jslivko at
Fri May 14 21:29:56 UTC 2004

Yes, but part of the software is a billing component which tells you 
*exactly* how much bandwidth you've used and what the total cost of the 
bandwidth is. You can also set a budget limit in the application which 
would not allow the bandwidth purchased to exceed $x.

-- Jonathan

J.J.Bailey wrote:

>>Hello Fellow NANOG'ers,
>>I was just thinking about this - tell me if it sounds reasonable? The 
>>company that I work for developed a piece of technology which, through 
>>rate-limit statements, allow customers to buy/sell bandwidth "on 
>>demand". Now, I was thinking: "Why can't we take this technology that 
>>we've tested successfully in a colo environment and adapt it a little 
>>bit for personal/business-class ISP's to allow them to bill for the 
>>bandwidth that a customer uses, and only that with the exception of a 
>>base monthly fee (to cover the DSL/T1 loop, e-mail services, support, 
>>etc.) of a few dollars.
>>Personally, I would like to see a scenario where everyone just pays for 
>>what they use - it would be a much better system for allowing people who 
>>don't necessarily need to get on the Internet at high-speed, get on 
>>high-speed which will not only increase revenue for the ISP's, but also 
>>for the customer who can now use DSL/T1 access in a much more effective way.
>>Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
> Sounds good in theory.  Sometimes, though, people don't want billing
> surprises.  They find that knowing what the bill will be is more
> valuable than the savings.  Or, they are unwilling to get hammered by
> an anomaly.

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