nsp-sec BoF agenda

Merike Kaeo kaeo at merike.com
Wed May 12 22:05:42 UTC 2004

Hello all.

Danny and I will be moderating (facilitating) the upcoming nsp-security BoF 
at NANOG.  Below is the agenda.....

>NSP Security BOF
>Monday Evening, May 24, 2004
>Chairs: Merike Kaeo & Danny McPherson
>Barry Dykes/Viawest: DOS/Security Incident Handling (~10 minutes)
>Roland Dobbins/Cisco IT: DOS/Security Incident Handling (~10 minutes)
>Michael Bailey & Evan Cooke/UoM: IMS (~15 minutes)
>Blaine Christian/MCI:TTL Filterings (~15 minutes)
>Dave Ward/Cisco: BGP over IPSEC (~15 minutes)
>Wendy Garvin/Cisco PSIRT: TCP Vulnerability (~15 minutes)
>Chairs/Open Discussion: TCP Vulnerability Q & A (~15 minutes)
>Patrick Gilmore/Open Discussion: Responding to Vulnerability Rumors (~15 
>Open Floor for Discussions

-  merike and danny

- merike

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