Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr. LarrySheldon at
Tue May 11 20:31:32 UTC 2004

JC Dill wrote:

> It could also simply be a mistake.  The inet-access list was once 
> reported as a spam source by a happy subscriber who was busy reporting 
> hundreds (or thousands?) of spams and clicked /included a list post by 
> accident.
> -- 
> p.s.  Please do not cc me on replies to the list.  Please reply to the 
> list only, or to me only (as you prefer) but not to both.

I'm going to join the guessing game and guess that some scoring system
scored on uncommon words (hierarchical), trigger words (credit), and the
number of Cc: entries (I did not count the ones in the original, the
complaint had a bitch-list 4 or five long, some of the responses to it
have 8 or 10 Cc:'s I think--I did not count them either), the origin
(Road Runner) and so on and reached the conclusion of 'spam'.

Welcome to the world where email has been taken away from us.

Requiescas in pace o email

Ex turpi causa non oritur actio

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