What percentage of the Internet Traffic is junk?

Petri Helenius pete at he.iki.fi
Thu May 6 18:53:00 UTC 2004

William B. Norton wrote:

> For those who say things like "can't define 'junk' precisely", I would 
> agree, but I think we also can agree that we all have a general idea 
> of what junk is. Just looking for round #'s really. It isn't 0%, and 
> it isn't 90% (although it seems that way sometimes).
> I would also agree that it would be valuable for the community to 
> track this # over time. You can't manage it if you can't measure it.
There is also a lot of "background Internet radiation" coming from p2p 
applications which seem to remember their peers for a week or two. These 
usually account for most of the unidirectional traffic knocking on doors 
unanswered. (not counting large DDoS).


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