BGP Exploit

Christopher L. Morrow christopher.morrow at
Wed May 5 23:31:11 UTC 2004

On Wed, 5 May 2004, Patrick W.Gilmore wrote:

> On May 5, 2004, at 2:39 PM, Smith, Donald wrote:
> > No. The router stays up. The tool I use is very fast. It floods the
> > GIGE
> > to the point that that interface is basically unusable but the router
> > itself stays up only the session is torn down. I did preformed these
> > tests in a lab and did
> > not have full bgp routing tables etc ... so your mileage may vary.
> That is DAMNED impressive.  I've never seen a router which can take a
> Gigabit of traffic to its CPU and stay up.  What kind of router was
> this?  You mentioned Juniper and Cisco before, but I know a cisco will
> fall over long before a gigabit and a Juniper either does or drops
> packets destined for the CPU (but keeps routing).

recieve-path acl and recieve-path-limits perhaps on a cisco will allow
survival? Though if this is 'bgp' from a valid peer it seems likely to
crunch it either way.

> Perhaps it was rate limiting the # of packets which reached the CPU,
> and the session stayed up because the "magic" packet was dropped in the
> rate limiting?

That sees likely.

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