What percentage of the Internet Traffic is junk?

Wayne E. Bouchard web at typo.org
Wed May 5 18:45:24 UTC 2004

It might be interesting to get a sense of percentages of traffic that
are "undesireable" (spam, DDOS, etc), "administrative" (logging, snmp,
rmon, etc), and "user traffic".

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 01:35:09PM -0500, Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr. wrote:
> William B. Norton wrote:
> >With all the spam, infected e-mails, DOS attacks, ultimately blackholed 
> >traffic, etc. I wonder if there has been a study that quantifies
> >
> >What percentage of the Internet traffic is junk?
> I don't know the answer in any case, but I would need a definition
> for "Internet traffic" before I could even start.
> Do we include the image and tabular date to and from the EROS
> Data Center?  How about the radiographic images and resulting
> "readings" (or what ever the correct term is) to and from the
> hospital in Atkinson?  Credit card transactions at FDR?
> I have a morbid fascination with weather so I am forever looking
> at maps, satellite images, and all sorts of stuff that some people
> tell me is a waste of my time, so I presume that is "junk"
> What are we talking about?
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