FW: Worms versus Bots

Rob Nelson ronelson at vt.edu
Tue May 4 22:26:01 UTC 2004

>The goal of this document is help new XP users survive long enough to do
>their updates.
>Many of them cant/wont put up acls/nat/firewalls ... but if they follow
>the steps listed they have a better chance of
>successfully downloading and updating their new machine then they will
>have with OUT these steps.
>It is not meant as a complete XP hardening document. There are lots of
>documents that discuss in detail how to harden
>windows (xp,nt,2k...).

If the person doesn't continue to do acls/nat/firewalls, they'll just get 
infected after the next hole is discovered. And yes, there are plenty of 
holes that a firewall/nat box won't fix. Still, better than the user only 
doing Windows Update on the day of install and never having a firewall...

Rob Nelson
ronelson at vt.edu

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