looking for Slammer infectee access link speeds

vern at ee.lbl.gov vern at ee.lbl.gov
Sun May 2 15:35:42 UTC 2004

> I think this is really the most important point. Link speeds and such 
> are not as significant, maximum packet rates probably are.

Where link rates become key is in modeling the worm's dynamics.  Because
often a single infected machine could fill an access link, additional
infections behind that same link didn't change the worm's overall scanning
rate; this is unlike other, non-"bandwidth-limited" worms, and changes
Slammer's growth to not be the usual exponential/logistic curve.

See our paper on Slammer for more details:


We're now trying to explore that effect, which requires knowing what those
bottleneck bandwidth rates were for sets of hosts behind a common bottleneck.


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